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Jesse MorgaN IV

Artist, Maker

Conceptual design to production.  Creative ingenuity, with an emphasis on process and diversity of craft.  I am a one man show and a man of many hats.   


Meg Sullivan, Owner Joe's Cafe 

   "When I need any design work done for my restaurant, Jesse is the first person I call.  I recently established a fund in honor of a dear friend who passed away and contacted Jesse about creating some artwork for the fund and a fundraiser to support it.  This was a sentimental project that really meant a lot to me and what Jesse came up with was perfect.  While I gave Jesse a vague idea of what I was looking for, he created something that captured exactly what I had in mind.  He was wonderful to work with – approaching the project with an open mind and great thoughtfulness.  I really appreciated having an open dialogue with him throughout the design process.


   We recently had some necessary work done at our restaurant that was a slight disturbance to the iconic murals we have on our walls, which are over 75 years old.  When I decided I wanted to blend some new murals in with old ones, I did not hesitate to call Jesse.  He was able to create a color that was a perfect match to the artwork that had been aged by 75 years of wear and tear and put his personal touch to create newer scenery to compliment the existing one.  The care and pride that Jesse took in this project was palpable and I am delighted to think that our customers will enjoy his work for many years to come."

Lewis Goodnow, George & Goodnow LLC

   “I was looking for signs for my newly constructed office building.  Jesse came highly recommended by the contractors who built it.  I contacted Jesse and received a reply quickly.  I told him what I was looking for and he understood immediately.  We met so he could take measurements and chat some more.  Then I just left it in his hands.  


   Throughout the process, Jesse's communication was great, and a month later I had new signs hanging on my building.  For an artist like Jesse, the signs might seem a little simplistic. But that's what make them so impressive.  He nailed exactly what I was looking for, straightforward eye-catching signage.  I have already told him I wanted to talk to him again in the spring so he can make some signs for my golf course.  Jesse provided high quality, efficient work at a very reasonable price.  I highly recommend him to anyone who needs signage.”

Jesse Menachem, Executive Director/CEO, Mass Golf

   "Jesse Created a one of a kind painting that was to be given to our outgoing President and he absolutely hit a home run with it.


   His creativity and vision throughout the process was amazing to experience and the communication at all stages was thorough, clear and timely. The end result blew away our expectations and our President was thrilled to accept the unique piece of original art."

Jeff Goulet, Founding Partner Loophole Brewing

   "Working with Jesse is like having a mind-reader for your thoughts and dreams. He has an extraordinary ability to translate abstract ideas, or in my case scribbles from the stylus on my phone into stunning realities that we bring to life on the cans of Loophole beer.


   The ability to recognize a brand by its artwork is a testament to the power of visual identity. Striking and memorable artwork not only captivates attention but also creates a lasting impression, making the brand easily identifiable and distinct in the minds of consumers.


  Jesse's work not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds a unique character to each can. A true masterpiece in every pour!"

Kyle and Kelly Snow,
Snow and Sons Landscaping

"We had the pleasure of working with Jesse on creating and designing our new logo for Sugarloaf Garden and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Jesse took our vision and made it even better.  Not only did he do an amazing job creating the logo, but he also created our beautiful store front sign.  The clarity and simplicity of the logo makes branding easy since it can easily transfer to clothing and other promotional items.  We're currently in the process of working with him again on something new and can not wait to see the outcome!"





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