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Jesse Morgan IV


     I am a fine-artist living in Northampton, MA, originally from Amherst, MA.  I have always been a drawer/doodler since I was young, my parents always buying me colored pencils, markers, and drawing pads for holidays.  After filling multple sketchbooks in my pre-adolescent years, I attended The Williston Northampton School, gradutating in 2001.  More materials, and differnt mediums were available to me there.  I took electives such as architctural drawing, life drawing classes, and finally a painting class during my senior year.  I took to painting naturally, being able to manipulate paint with a brush, visualize a final product, and take the necessary steps to make the idea become material on the canvas.  I was fulfilled in my ability to design something substantial, which was inherently mine.  

     I continued my interest in the visual-arts while attending Lafayette College in Easton, PA.  I was an Economics/Business major to start, while fullfilling my core-curriculum, and taking multiple electives, which included almost all visual-arts classes.  The beauty of a liberal-arts college is that, through a diverse curriculum, a student gravitates toward a field that is most fulfilling.  Thus, halfway through college, I had changed my major from Economics to Studio-Art, a decision that would really change my life.  I continued to gain knowledge and skills in the visual arts, honing my own personal craft.  I grew confidence apprenticing under multiple professional artists, working as a Teacher's Assistant, and having success in my indivdual assignments.

     My studio classes were fullfilling, and success followed accordingly, motivated to produce and grow.  My prioirites had changed, and my idea of the future had shifted from crunching numbers behind a desk 9-5, to creating representations of myself through my art, and having a need for a creative outlet working with my hands.  After multiple Internships, independent studies, art-histories, teacher's assistant jobs, public art instalations, and curated shows, I graduated in 2005 with a BA in Studio Art.  Thus, my career was launched as an artist and I have not looked back since.       I am a visual thinker, and am fullfiulled when an idea becomes a design and then, in turn, becomes a material, unique, work of art.  This holds true with everything that I do, whether it be finish-work in my house, building frames from scratch, matting illustrations, or painting on canvas, the process is what I enjoy, and what motivates me to produce.  

     I am always growing as an artist, always learning new techniques and skills, and new ways of looking at the world.  I create fun, unique, colorful compositions that brighten the dreary, and monotnous routine that a majority of people are stuck in these days.  I am very happy to have not succumbed to the "check-list" life, and that I have created a path for myself that makes me whole.  I live humbly to be able to maintain a career as a professional artist, it being difficult at times to make ends meet, but my design is what defines me, and I am very happy to share it with everyone.  

Professional Info

     I work in multiple mediums, on multiple substrates.  Surreal landscapes that twist, and turn, and become animated through perspective are the makeup of my alternate reality.  Using a saturated pallet, and dynamic light source, a whimsical feeling is evoked in my work.  The compositions are sometimes compared to scenes from "Alice in Wonderland," Toon Town from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," and sometimes likened to the worlds of Escher or Salvador Dali.  I draw inspiration from the impressionists for their use of color to express light and their application of paint on the canvas, which always impressed me.  Surrealists like Rene Magritte have left an indelible mark on me by creating realities where there are no rules.  I appreciate Caravaggio and other Baroque-Era painters for their dynamic use of light source, and painters like Salvador Dali who create expansive landscapes with un-ending space through use of perspective.  Modern street-art, and grafitti also heavily influences my work, complimentary colors, and seemingly 3-D compositions being the attributes that interest me.  Simply, I enjoy creating worlds to escape to.  With my perspective typically expanding outwards, a viewer is immersed into the landscape, traveling from this world to mine.  It's a journey that I create, with my hands through my brush.  Take the trip!    

Work Experience


Teacher’s Assistant; Lafayette College Easton, PA - 2003-2005

Beginning and Intermediate painting; responsible for setting up the room, making materials available, providing individual student help emphasizing the requirements and purpose of the project.  Administer and participate in weekly critiques.  Evaluate student work with the professor throughout the assignment.   



Assisted gallery curator and professional artists in organization of multiple shows.  Constructed and prepped walls and problem solved with the installation of unique artwork.  Organized, designed, and sent out marketing materials for opening receptions.  Helped run opening receptions.  Prepped various fine art for shipping.  



Responsible for data entry and cataloging of fine art.  Assisted in various daily duties around the gallery.  On-site assistant for events.  Met artists and gained experience in a for-profit environment.  Assisted framing shop.  



Responsible for production, application and installation of signs, banners, marketing visuals, and other various visual information on multiple substrates using a variety of materials.  Gained experience working with wide-format, print and cut eco-solvent printers, vinyl, lamination and heat press applications.  Gained experience working with design programs such as Flexi-Sign, Adobe Suite and color theory across a variety of printed mediums.  



Responsible for production, application, and installation of signs, banners, marketing visuals, and other various visual information on multiple substrates using multiple materials.  Gained experience working in a commercial sign shop, with emphasis on customer service.  Assisted in production of light boxes, and vehicle graphic wraps.  Responsible for prompt delivery and installation of signs.  




The Williston Northampton School 2001
Easthampton, MA


Lafayette College B.A. Studio Art 2005
Easton, PA




Proficient with stretching canvas, matting, framing, working with large tools and machinery.  Experienced with the Adobe Suite, other design platforms including flex-sign, and multiple production managers for wide-format printing.  Experienced working with wide-format printing on materials including different paper, vinyl, banner stock, canvas, magnet, and t-shirt transfer materials. (Roland, Epson, Mimaki)   Experienced with digital photography and editing.  I am an illustrator, painter and sculptor and am well rounded in my own personal design practices.  I try to be as self sufficient as possible, stretching my own canvasses, matting my illustrations, and framing my art, making it ready to hang using archival materials and UV protected glass etc.