More Vans, More satisfied Customers!

Here is a new commission I recently finished for my friend and co-worker Jenna. A pair of white slip-on vans for her boyfriends birthday, she commissioned a tennis theme being that her boyfriend is an avid player. Usually when a customer and I talk about a concept, I have a mental picture that flashes almost immediately in my head. I love the process from the original meet up with a customer, to the design and sketch phases, agreeing on a final look, and then the actual materialization of the design. It is very fulfilling and fun!

I have 2 levels of personalized shoe sales. 1.) An original design by me with few guidelines from the customer. Does not include a sketch $150.00 2.) A customized design of a theme suggested by the customer. Includes a sketch $200-$250

(all prices include materials, and cost of shoe)

If interested in purchase, please send me a private message on any platform

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